""in 1866 Antonio Brisighello had the fortunate idea of contacting Manufacturers of medicinal products and Chemists to ask then which herbs could interest them, offering to provide them with some. On receiving orders for Chamomile and Elder Flowers, for Marsh-Mallow, Calamus (Reed) and Valerian roots and for the leaves of the common mallow and for other plants, he readily set to work together with the rest of this family and with several farmers of the village to pick the abovementioned plants"; In 1879 Antonio Brisighello's son Peter joined alongside his father, sensing intuitively the great future in store for the industry begun by his father, and gave it great impulse, thanks to the knowledge acquired by visiting both Italian and foreign firms. In this way Peter Brisighello's products soon acquired a certain renown, reaching Lyon, Nimes, Marseilles, and Paris in France; then in Germany, Spain, in Austria-Hungary, in Switzerland and in Belgium ";" (from "History of the Herbalist's shop" Tip.Longo,1910).

Since that episode in 1866 much time has passed and no less than five generations of Brisighello family have followed on the Firm, each one enriching it, modernizing it and bringing a vital contribution to its development.


The vitality of the Brisighello Firm is guaranteed today by the indefatigible presence of Peter Brisighello, the current President, supported by his sons and a staff of highly qualified technicians, who together, with great enthusiasm, continue in the family tradition and ever alert to the evolution of modern-day demands, research and propose new solutions and new products.
The company philosophy of the traditional kind, is supported by a technologically advanced
industrial structure. The internal offices have been for some time now completely computerized and equipped with telex and telefax services all round the clock, to guarantee both customers and suppliers of all continents a constant presence and immediate advice which are as precious today as they are rare.
Moreover, as a guarantee of quality in defence of the consumer, all products are severely examined by sophisticated machinery for a bacterio-logical analisys and to discover any possible trace of pesticides or radioactive residues, apart from the determination of the principles both qualitatively and quantitatively active.